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For veterans who have service-connected conditions that have caused them to be disabled, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides disability benefits. When a veteran applies for disability benefits, the VA will assign them a disability rating based on the level of impairment they have experienced due to service-connected disabilities. These disability ratings play a crucial role in determining the benefits that veterans are eligible to receive. It is important for veterans to understand how these ratings are determined and what steps they can take if they believe their rating is incorrect.

The Vet Law Office works with veterans to ensure that the VA assigns the correct rating for their service-connected disabilities. We can provide guidance on what information should be provided to the VA when making a disability claim, and we can assist with appeals of denied benefits or incorrect disability ratings. Attorney Edward Farmer has firsthand experience with these issues as a disabled veteran who has assisted many veterans in addressing concerns related to disabilities. He is prepared to provide you with the legal help you need as you address VA disability claims.

Determining VA Disability Ratings

The VA uses a Schedule for Rating Disabilities (VASRD) to evaluate and assign disability ratings. The VASRD consists of a comprehensive list of medical conditions, injuries, and diseases, along with specific criteria used to assess each condition's severity. Each condition is assigned a numerical rating ranging from 0% to 100%, representing the degree of impairment it causes. Veterans who meet certain rating requirements may qualify for Total Disability Based on Individual Unemployability (TDIU) benefits.

When evaluating a veteran's condition, the VA considers various factors such as medical evidence, treatment records, diagnostic tests, and statements from the veteran. They also take into account how much a person's daily life activities have been affected by their condition. In cases involving multiple disabilities, the VA calculates a combined disability rating based on the percentage of loss of the person as a whole.

Effects of Disability Ratings on Benefits

The disability rating assigned by the VA has significant implications for veterans' benefits. The higher the rating percentage, the more severe the impairment is considered to be. This directly affects both monetary compensation and access to additional benefits, including:

  • Veterans disability compensation: Veterans with higher disability ratings may be eligible for increased monthly compensation payments through VA disability compensation programs. A veteran's number of dependents may also be considered when determining their level of compensation.
  • Special monthly compensation: Veterans with certain disabilities may qualify for higher rates of compensation.
  • Special benefit allowances: In some cases, veterans may qualify for allowances for an automobile or clothing, or they may receive a Medal of Honor pension.
  • Healthcare Benefits: Veterans with service-connected disabilities might be eligible for no cost healthcare and prescription drug benefits through the VA.

Filing an Appeal for Incorrect Disability Ratings

If a veteran believes their disability rating is incorrect or does not accurately reflect the severity of their condition, they have the right to file an appeal. The VA's Rapid Appeals Modernization Program (RAMP) allows veterans to choose between a few different options for pursuing appeals. A Higher-Level Review may be requested in which a senior claims adjudicator will review the claim, or a supplemental claim may be submitted to present new and relevant evidence supporting a claim. A veteran may also ask to have their case reviewed by the Board of Veterans' Appeals (BVA).

Throughout the appeals process, it is crucial for a veteran to gather and submit any additional medical evidence or expert opinions that support their claim, while following the correct procedures for providing this information to the VA. Working with an experienced attorney who handles VA disability claims can greatly increase the chances of a successful appeal.

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If you are a veteran who believes your disability rating is incorrect or needs assistance with filing an appeal, The Vet Law Office is here to help. Attorney Farmer has extensive experience navigating the complex VA benefits system and advocating for veterans' rights. Contact us at 1-800-700-4174 to schedule a consultation today. Let us fight for the benefits you deserve.

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