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There are many veterans who have sacrificed and served our country honorably. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides multiple types of benefits for veterans, including disability benefits for those who have been injured or experienced debilitating health conditions that are related to their service. VA disability benefits are intended to compensate veterans for the impact these disabilities have on their daily lives. However, filing claims for VA disability benefits can be a complex process that can be overwhelming for veterans who are already struggling with physical or mental disabilities.

If you are a veteran in Illinois seeking assistance with your VA disability claim, The Vet Law Office is here to help. Our experienced attorney understands the intricacies of the VA system, and we will work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the benefits you deserve. Attorney Farmer's experience serving in the military, dealing with disabilities, and filing VA claims informs his approach to these cases. He will provide you with personalized attention and compassionate support throughout every step of your case, fighting to protect your interests and ensure that you will have the resources you need.

Understanding VA Disability Ratings

The first crucial aspect of obtaining VA disability benefits is understanding how disability ratings are assigned by the VA. When evaluating a claim, the VA rates disabilities based on their severity and their impact on a person's ability to function in their everyday life. The rating scale uses percentages of disability, and higher ratings will indicate that a person has more severe health issues or other conditions that have affected them. Each condition is assigned its own rating, and multiple ratings may be combined to determine a person's level of impairment. Veterans with certain percentages who are unable to work may be entitled to individual unemployability, which pays at the 100% rate.

To determine your eligibility for compensation, it is essential to gather all relevant medical evidence supporting your claimed disabilities' existence and severity. This evidence may include medical records, treatment history, statements from healthcare providers, statements from those who witness your condition's effects, and any other documentation that demonstrates the severity of your condition.

Compensation & Pension Exams

The VA may perform Compensation & Pension (C&P) exams as part of their claims evaluation process. These exams aim to determine the extent of impairment caused by service-related conditions. During a C&P exam, you will meet with a VA healthcare provider or contracted examiner who has experience addressing the specific condition(s) for which you are seeking benefits. The examiner will review your medical history, conduct a physical examination if necessary, and ask questions about your disabilities. It is crucial to attend these exams and provide accurate information about your symptoms and limitations. Failing to attend scheduled C&P exams can result in delays or denials of your claim.

Appealing VA Decisions

If the VA denies or underrates your disability claim, it does not mean that all hope is lost. You have options for appealing unfavorable VA decisions and fighting for the benefits you deserve. These options include:

  • Higher-Level Review: This option allows veterans to request a review by an adjudicator within the VA Regional Office. During this process, new evidence cannot be submitted but arguments about errors can be made.
  • Supplemental Claims: If new evidence becomes available after receiving an unfavorable decision, veterans can submit supplemental claims with additional supporting documentation. These claims aim to provide fresh evidence that may change the outcome of their case.
  • Board of Veterans' Appeals (BVA): If dissatisfied with previous decisions, veterans can appeal directly to the BVA. This independent body reviews cases de novo (as if they were being evaluated for the first time), considering all relevant evidence provided by both parties before making its determination. If necessary, unfavorable decisions by the BVA can be appealed, and cases may be reviewed by the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.

Contact Our Illinois Veteran Benefits Attorney

Navigating through complex VA regulations and procedures can be overwhelming without proper legal guidance. At The Vet Law Office, we are dedicated to helping Illinois veterans secure their rightful disability benefits effectively and efficiently. Our experienced attorney will review your case, gather the necessary evidence, and develop a compelling argument to present to the VA.

If you need assistance with your VA disability claim or wish to appeal a decision, contact us at 1-800-700-4174. Schedule a consultation today, and let us fight for the benefits you deserve.

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