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Veterans who have served our country often face challenges when it comes to accessing the benefits they are entitled to. For many veterans, disability compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) can provide financial assistance to address the loss of income due to service-connected health issues. Veterans who incurred injuries or developed medical conditions as a result of their military service will be able to receive these benefits. However, navigating the complex VA disability claims process can be overwhelming and frustrating, especially when initial claims are denied or disability ratings are incorrect. At The Vet Law Office, we help veterans address these issues, and we provide strong, effective legal representation when handling disability claims or appeals.

The Role of VA Disability Ratings

When applying for VA disability benefits, veterans will often be required to participate in Compensation and Pension (C&P) exams. During these examinations, evaluators hired by the VA will assess a veteran's disabilities and assign a disability rating based on how severely service-related impairments have affected their daily life activities. The severity levels range from 0% to 100%, with higher ratings corresponding to more significant impairments.

The assigned rating determines the monthly amount of monetary compensation that will be awarded to the veteran. It also helps determine eligibility for other benefits such as healthcare services and vocational rehabilitation programs specifically designed to support disabled veterans in reentering or adjusting to civilian employment. Understanding how disability ratings are assigned, and veterans who have more than one disabling condition may receive a combined disability rating. Our attorney can help ensure that disability ratings are determined correctly, and if necessary, we can advocate for 100% disability ratings or Individual Unemployability status to ensure that a veteran will receive benefits that address severe disabilities.

Appealing Denied Claims or Incorrect Disability Ratings

There are some instances where deserving veterans receive erroneous disability ratings, and in some cases, a disability claim may be denied altogether. In such cases, it is crucial for veterans in Florida to understand that they have options available to appeal these decisions. These options include:

Higher-Level Reviews

A veteran who believes that the VA reached an incorrect decision based on the information provided during an initial claim can request a Higher-Level Review (HLR). An HLR entails having another experienced reviewer at the VA conduct a new review of a case without considering any new evidence. The goal is to correct errors that occurred during the initial decision.

Supplemental Claims

If new and relevant evidence becomes available after the denial of a claim, initiating a supplemental claim might be an appropriate course of action. This type of appeal allows a veteran to submit additional evidence supporting their disability claims for a more thorough review by the VA. Examples of new evidence can include medical records previously unavailable during the original claim process or lay statements from friends, family, or fellow servicemembers who can provide first-hand accounts of the impairments the veteran has experienced due to their military service.

Board of Veterans' Appeals

After exhausting other avenues, veterans in Florida have another recourse through appealing directly to the Board of Veterans' Appeals (BVA). This body conducts hearings where veterans and their legal representatives may present arguments and evidence supporting their claims. A Veterans Law Judge may review the information initially submitted during a claim, any new and relevant evidence, and/or the testimony given during a hearing when making a determination about how a claim should be handled. If necessary, additional appeals may be pursued following a BVA denial, and a case may be reviewed in the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.

Contact Our Florida VA Disability Benefit Appeals Lawyer

If you are a disabled veteran who is seeking VA benefits, working with an experienced attorney who focuses on VA disability claims and appeals can significantly enhance your chances of success. At The Vet Law Office, we understand how to build compelling cases supported by medical opinions from qualified experts, testimonies from a veteran and their loved ones, and persuasive legal arguments. We are dedicated to helping veterans in Florida secure the benefits they deserve for their selfless service.

If you need assistance with appealing a denied claim, challenging an incorrect disability rating, or preparing your case for presentation before the Board of Veterans' Appeals, do not hesitate to reach out and set up a consultation. Contact us at 1-800-700-4174 and let us be your trusted allies in your pursuit of the VA benefits you need and deserve.

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