What are your legal fees and how can I afford them?

I believe everyone, regardless of income, should be able to afford an attorney when they need one. Every situation is different, but I will work with you to offer an affordable solution such as a flat fee, contingency fee, or even no fee! For most cases that I handle before the Department of Veteran Affairs and the Social Security Administration, there is no fee unless I win! In other cases, the government may pay my fee under the Equal Access to Justice Act. If you are in need of legal representation, but you are worried about affording the legal fees, please contact me and we can find a solution.

Where do you provide representation?

I am an Illinois licensed attorney; however, I am able to provide nationwide service for VA benefit claims, social security appeals, and discharge upgrades. All other legal matters such as real estate issues and wills and estate planning are limited to Illinois citizens.

Why do I need a lawyer?

Hiring the right lawyer is an important choice. I provide aggressive representation. My experience has provided the skills necessary navigate the complexities of the legal system. I also understand the law. The VA system alone is comprised of over 2000 pages of rules and regulations. An experienced attorney knows how to use these rules and regulations to provide you the best chance of success in your case.