What are your legal fees and how can I afford them?

For VA disability appeals before the Regional Office or the Board of Veterans Appeals, there is no fee unless I win!  If I obtain you benefits on appeal, the VA will generally back pay you to the day you filed the claim.  I ask for 20% of this back payment as compensation for my services.  All future monthly payments are yours to keep.  If you don’t get paid, I don’t get paid!

For appeals before the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, the government may pay my fee under the Equal Access to Justice Act. That means no out of pocket costs to the Veteran!

We offer no upfront costs for medical malpractice or personal injury claims.  We also will work with you on affordable payment options for discharge upgrades and military correction issues.

You are in Chicago, do you provide representation outside of Illinois?

I am an Illinois licensed attorney; however, I am able to provide nationwide service for VA benefit appeals, discharge upgrades, and board of correction issues.

For medical malpractice and personal injury claims, my representation is limited to jurisdictions in Illinois.

Why do I need a lawyer?

Hiring the right lawyer is an important choice. I provide aggressive representation. My experience has provided the skills necessary navigate the complexities of the legal system. I also understand the law. The VA system alone is comprised of over 2000 pages of rules and regulations. An experienced attorney knows how to use these rules and regulations to provide you the best chance of success in your case.

Hiring a veteran disability attorney increases your chances of winning. According to the VA’s most recent statistics, using a lawyer will increase your chances of winning an appeal more than using a service organization representative like Disabled American Veterans (DAV) or not using an advocate in your case at all. (Board of Veterans’ Appeals Report of the Chairman Fiscal Year 2013.)

We write original and claim-specific legal briefs with legal arguments on why you should win.

We gather the evidence.

  1. We have an investigator to prove in-service incidents and gather evidence.
  2. We obtain witness statements/affidavits.
  3. We work with treating physicians/experts to obtain records and detailed reports if necessary.
  4. We work with variety of medical and psychological experts not associated with the VA to prove a diagnosis and connection to an in- service event.
  5. We carefully review your VA file for evidence and mistakes and look for additional claims that were missed by the VA.
  6. We are responsive. We regularly stay in touch with clients and return all calls within 24 hours if possible.
Will hiring a lawyer slow down my VA benefits case?

No! The VA’s own Director of Compensation and Pension recently stated that hiring a lawyer helps cases move quicker. A veterans disability lawyer knows how and where to obtain the evidence needed and has an organized system of doing it. Additionally, a lawyer’s legal training helps them spot weak issues that are slowing down cases.


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